Fasting for Spiritual Power: A 40 day challenge

Do you have loved ones who are hurting? Do you know people who are oppressed and desperate to be free? Do you want to walk in greater revelation and righteousness? You can have the keys to healing, wholeness, restoration and the living presence of God to set captives free! Are you up to the challenge?


Manifestations of Intercession

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21 Days of Prayer and Fasting for Revival Fire

Download the entire 21 Day of Prayer and Fasting for Revival Fire daily prayer guide

21 Day of Prayer and Fasting for Revival Fire

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Analyzing the leadership profile of Abel

This booklet has been divided into the three actions of ‘Abel’ leadership with an abbreviated introduction to the portrayal and biblical story of Abel. It is my sincere desire that upon concluding this three-week study; you will be sure of your leadership calling and become ready and willing to step out into the unknown of your potential to be used by God in the greatest measure to the fullness of your ability.


Receiving the Solomon Anointing: A lecture on the ministry of a sunday school teacher

God has not called you into the ministry as a teacher of His Word to fail.  In contrast, God wants to establish your footing and secure your position in the work He has called you to, the work of a teacher. He has given to teachers the mantle of a Solomon Anointing. The Solomon Anointing is a divine manifestation to receive wisdom, gain understanding, and achieve excellence.


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