Prophesy: Symbols of the Prophetic Ministry


A picture of the prophetic ministry

Sign of sharpness, sight, vision, height, spiritual realm

Job 39:27-29

The prophetic ministry is one of visible deliverance and favor – Exodus 19:4-6

The prophetic ministry is one of renewal – Ps 103:5

The prophetic ministry is one of patience – Isaiah 40:31

Rev. 12:14


A picture of the prophetic message

Sign of Strength; fierce, boldness, courage

à The Lion of Judah – (Gen. 49:9; Rev. 5:5)

Unmoved by men. Moved for a Message [Prophetic Word]

à The Roar of the Lion – (Amos 3:8)

The lion goes before the prophet to prepare the way for the message

To confirm and uphold the Word of God (1 Kings 13)

The prophetic word stands true over false prophecy

For dis-obedience to the Word of God (1 Kings 20)

The prophetic word is to be seen and not just heard

To urge Israel in worship to Jehovah God (2 Kings 17:23-28)

The prophetic word nudges His people to true worship

The prophecies of the seven thunders remains hidden until we hear the sound of the roaring of the lion of the tribe of Judah (Rev. 10:1-4)

Therefore “who can but prophesy”

à The Righteous move as lions – (Prov. 28:1)

A prophet in right standing delivering a right message


A picture of the prophetic flow

Place of Life, Refreshing Waters, Rush of the Spirit, Ripples of Blessings

A spiritual river flows from the throne of God (Rev. 22:1)

This river will bring gladness and joy to serve Him (Ps. 46:4, Ps. 30:11, 100:2)

Results of the River of God

A new Kingdom of prophetic joy (Isaiah 35:10)

Refreshing revival of prophetic comfort and life (Isaiah 51:3; Eze. 47:9)

This river flows out of prophetic people. (John 7:38)

· Prophecy flows out of the river

· Worship flows out of the river

· New songs flow out of the river

· Intercession flows out of the river


A picture of the prophetic realm

The place of the prophetic, a prophetic atmosphere, a place of training (Judges 4:5; 1 Samuel 7:17; 16:13; 19:23; 22:6)

Gods glory; receive victory (2 Chronicles 22:6; Jeremiah 31:15; Matthew 2:18)

Removal of false prophecy (1 Samuel 28:3)


A picture of false prophecy

A constrictor, to choke, squeeze the life out of, spirit of divination

[inspiration or revelation from an evil source]

Pythons strategy – Acts 16:16

Speaking lies:

Jer. 14:14; Jer. 23:14-32; Ez. 22:28; Isa. 59:4&21; Psalm 63:11; 1 Tim. 4:1-2

Promoting fables:

1 Tim. 1:4; 2 Tim. 4:4; Tit. 1:14; 2 Peter 1:16


To see what others cannot see: (Numbers 22-25; Joshua 13:22)

To speak under the unction and authority of Christ: (Numbers 22-25; 1 John 2:20)

“Godly prophets do not wage war with python. Neither do prophets fight prophetic warfare on the battlefield; they fight in Ramah, the spiritual realm. The eagle does not fight python on the ground; instead, it picks it up into the sky thus changing the battlefield and releases it into the sky. The Python has no power or balance in the heavenly atmosphere, making it useless, weak, and vulnerable. The lion does not fight with python, his roar frightens the snake away. A true message from Heaven terrifies the enemy, along with his lies and fables, back into his hole from whence he came.”

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