Weekly Challenges


Daily Plan For Success

A. Morning Quiet Time

  1. Ask Jesus Christ, through His Holy Spirit to order the priorities for your day
  2. Read God’s and meditate on it. Using a daily devotional will help you to organize a regular plan that will work for you
  3. Ask for God’s will to be done in your life for TODAY
  4. Commit to practicing the principles of the 12-Steps for TODAY

B. Daily Contact with Living Free Recovery Members

  1. Talk with your counselor
  2. Call up one of the other recovery members on the phone
  3. Meet with another recovery friend; Encourage one another

C. Regular Meals and Times of Meals

  1. Maintain a good diet.
  2. Avoid the compulsion to indulge in junk food
  3. plan your meals as often as you can ~ seek to have a well balanced diet

D. Regular Hours For Sleep

  1. Set a reasonable and regular time to go to bed
  2. Do the same with getting up in the mornings ~ Try to stay on a reasonable schedule
  3. When you can’t sleep, don’t just toss and turn; read God’s Word, other recommended spiritually uplifting materials, or encouraging recovery materials. This could also be an opportunity to pray.

E. Regular Work Hours

  1. Seek to be full-time employed
  2. Get to work on time
  3. Try to improve at your job ~ do your work as “unto the Lord”
  4. Develop a good attitude about your job
  5. Don’t be a complainer or join in negative groups or gossip

F. Regular Attendance at Living Free Support/Recovery Meetings

  1. Work your weekly schedule


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