Altar Ministry Welcome


Promoting an effectual altar ministry for the local church

I would like to cordially welcome you to Redemption Place of Allegan Altar Ministry training and resource development program.  I thank you for your willing participation in impacting lives for the Kingdom of God through this central church ministry.  Your partnership with the Saints will prove to be life altering as we anticipate transformation and community developed in the local church through our ministry efforts.

This program is a prerequisite for corporate and sanctuary church altar ministry and is designed to better equip those who function in this capacity for greater effectual service.  The training program is a five course preparation guide for learning the spiritual and practical elements for an effective local church altar ministry.

This ministry is a high calling and demands spiritual sensitivity and a holy maturity in our Lord Jesus Christ. It is a ministry that requires dedication and commitment to the work and will of the Lord Jesus Christ. As an altar minister, you will be called upon to fulfill personal life evangelism ministry during specified service times at the altar. Our sincere desire is that throughout this program you will learn of the ministry functions and grow in the calling and anointing of an altar minister.

May this training ‘altar’ your living as we progress together in this development and resource program.  God richly bless you and bring increase into your life and ministry for your endeavor in this capacity. I look forward to seeing you ‘at the altar’.

Bishop Nathan Strom

Senior Pastor

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