The Privilege of the Righteous

But let the righteous be glad;
    let them rejoice before God;
    let them rejoice exceedingly.   (Ps. 68:3)

Social standing plays a vital role in many cultures and societies. For example, India and other Hindi countries have an entire economic, not to mention religious, caste system which places people from birth into a pre-established social standing. In the United States and other “western” nations, the use of social media has established social protocols and positions that were non-existent just a few years ago. Certain social apps have been designated for only the young and hip, other media channels have been deemed appropriate for political or religious conversations like twitter or facebook and some for educational uses like TED talks. Falling outside of ones social standing sentences them to ridicule, scorn, or worse….social suicide.

32 and all the nations will be gathered together before him. And like a shepherd who separates the sheep from the goats, he will separate all the people. 33 The ‘sheep’ he will put on his right side and the ‘goats’ on his left. (Matthew 25)

In the spiritual ream, there is a social standing as well.  A separation of the righteous from the wicked. David, saw the social plight of the wicked as the day of scattering, a day of reckoning,  when the Lord God would totally destroy and wipe out as smoke all those who align themselves against Him. The Righteous are not to be yoked with the wicked, as falling outside this spiritual social standing places one at risk for the fate befallen the wicked.

David also saw the social bliss that accompanied the righteous. David admonishes that in this Spiritual Social Standing of the Righteous, we are to be glad. There are blessings and great promises that are to be claimed in Righteousness.


His Psalm teaches that we are to rejoice before God. In Righteousness, we can stand before the King of Kings, the Great IAm. Righteousness means to be in right standing with the Lord. In His presence there is fullness of joy.


In the Aramaic of this verse it can be translated as “They rejoice in his sweetness.” God is loving as much as He is Just. In His presence are all good things.

My beloved is to me
    the most fragrant apple tree—
    he stands above the sons of men.
    Sitting under his grace-shadow,
    I blossom in his shade,
    enjoying the sweet taste of his pleasant, delicious fruit,
    resting with delight where his glory never fades.  (Song of Songs 2:3)


The Righteous have every right to rejoice EXCEEDINGLY. To laugh, sing , dance, and exhibit all the outward expressions of joy. The social standing of Righteousness is not one of fear or depression, but of faith and deliverance.

It is a privilege to be counted in with the Righteous. So, the next time you are mocked for your Righteousness, just remember, you are in good company, your social standing is greater than the number of likes or amount of followers you have.

But let the righteous be glad;
    let them rejoice before God;
    let them rejoice exceedingly.   (Ps. 68:3)


Published by Nathanstrom

Ordained Bishop with the Church of God; Cleveland, TN; Senior Pastor at Redemption Place Church of God Allegan, MI. Community Service Chaplain.

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