Day 21 – 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting For Revival Fire

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DAY 21

Sing to the Lord and make melody in your heart
Scripture: Eph. 5:19; John 4:23

Prayer Points – Prayer of Praise and Thanksgiving

1. Thank God for guiding and directing us in prayer these past 21 days.

2. Thank God for His mercies toward us these days.

3. Thank God for the completion of this period of prayer and fasting.

4. Thank God for the strength and grace during this process.

5. Thank God for the next level of anointing on our lives, families, ministries etc.

6. Thank God for His abilities to answer our prayer and grant our heart desires more than we asked or thought.

7. Thank God for every participant in this fasting and prayer.

Don’t stop Worshipping God for
His faithfulness, for His mercies, and His grace


What was the most challenging in this 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What was the least challenging? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________




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