Day 19 – 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting For Revival Fire

DAY 19

Prayer Points – Intercession con’t

Pray for Families of Redemption Place

1. Ask God to strengthen and restore Marriages and Families.

2. Pray to break off worldly influence on our children and for them to be consumed by the spirit of the LORD.

3. Pray that children will be filled with the Holy Spirit.

4. Pray for academic success in the lives of the students.

5. Pray for families to be filled with joy and peace in the Holy Spirit.

6. Pray for Holiness to be established in our family lives.

7. Pray that the Lord will strengthen husbands and wives to overcome stress and pressures.

8. Pray that every family at Redemption Place will cultivate sharing and devotions as a family.

9. Pray that each home in Redemption Place be built up with wisdom established by understanding the word and purpose of God.

10. Pray that every household in Redemption Place will serve the Lord.

11. Pray that every family in Redemption Place will be fervent in spirit, serving the Lord and seeking the lost.

Pray for the Family of Christ (The Church)

1. Pray that the church would wake up from its slumber and earnestly seek God through prayer and fasting for revival.

2. Pray for redemption and restoration of the backslidden.

3. Ask God to bring in the increase.

4. Pray for hearts to be softened for the move of God.

5. Pray for hearts to be become obedient unto the LORD.

6. Pray that the whole body be knit and joined together and that every part does its share causing growth to the body.

7. Pray that we would be tuned into God’s Spirit, follow His direction and heed His admonitions and warnings.

8. Pray that whatever the enemy has stolen from the faithful in health, wealth and relationships would be repaid seven times according to the Word.

9. Pray that God’s people would use their resources to glean a great harvest, usher in revival, extend the kingdom and love one another as Christ does.

10. Pray for hearts to become obedient unto the LORD in the area of commitment, worship, meditation of the word, prayer and giving.

11. Let faith arise; declare the promises of God, (that He is faithful and rewards those who diligently seek Him), and will come for a church without spot or blemish.




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