Day 8 – 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting for Revival Fire

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Scripture: Matthew 3:11; Acts 2:1-4
Prayer Points – Pray for fresh fire from above

1. Thank God for the power of the Holy Spirit

2. Ask God to fill you afresh with the Holy Spirit.

3. Ask God to incubate you with fire of the Holy Spirit

4. Ask God to open your spiritual ear and eyes to receive wondrous things from above.

5. Ask God to heal every area of backsliding in your spiritual life.

6. Ask God to open your understanding concerning the Scriptures.

7. Thank God for the testimonies that will follow.


Fire burns away chaff and burns new passion

What chaff does God want to burn out of you?

1. _______________________________

2. _______________________________

What new passions is God trying to burn into you?

1. ___________________________________

2. ___________________________________


6 Steps to Receiving Fresh Fire

  1. Thirst Matthew 5:6 & Mark 11:24
  2. Ask Matthew 7:7
  3. Look to Jesus Acts 1:8
  4. Receive Galatians 3:14
  5. Praise Psalm 22:3
  6. Speak in Unknown Language Psalm 81:10

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