Day 4 – 21 days of Prayer & Fasting for Revival Fire

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Scripture: Isaiah 62:1-7; 65:15; Revelation 2:17; Genesis 17:4-6; Genesis 33:23


Whenever God wants to change a man’s future (destiny) He gives him a new name in line with what he is doing. He breaks the yoke under which you labor and gives you a new beginning.


Prayer points – I Shall Be Called By A New Name

1. Ask God to change your name and restore His glory in your life this year.

2. Ask Him to change your name from disfavored to favored. From rejection to accepted. From unsettled and unstable to dependable rock with God. From unprofitable to profitable. I shall no more be called opportunist. The yoke has been broken. I am a prince with God, ruling and reigning, in Jesus name.

3. Light of God shine upon me and let God’s favor reposition me in the place on my destiny, in Jesus name.

4. Be like Jacob, don’t let go until you are certain God has touched you and change your destiny. You have to wrestle with your destiny.


A New Name: Jacob’s new name gave him a superior identity, divine favor, and generational blessings. Why should we pray for these things?

A New Walk: Jacob’s new walk gave him a different disposition, a trustworthy testimony, and a lasting legacy. How should this affect our ministry and anointing?


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