Day 2 – 21 days of Prayer & Fasting for Revival Fire


Scripture: Psalm 51

Prayer Points – Pray for everyone participating in this program

1. Ask the Lord to search our hearts as we come to Him in prayer.

2. Ask the Lord to cleanse our heart from secret faults.

3. Ask that the mercy of God will cover each person on this prayer program.

4. Ask the Lord to create in you a clean heart

5. Pray that daily we will find grace in the sight of the Lord.

6. Pray for our hearts to be passionate to stay in the Presence of the Lord

7. Pray that we will consecrate ourselves daily, to stay in His presence.

8. To stay in the presence of God you need the word of God dwelling in you, pray that we will abide in the word of God.

9. In the presence of God, Jesus is revealed in us; Pray that Jesus Christ be revealed in us

10. Pray the Lord will start a profound and complete deliverance process.


Psalm 51 is the prayer of David after he sinned with Bathsheba. David was called a man after God’s own heart (see 1 Samuel 13:14). After today’s reading and prayer, what keys have you discovered to capturing the heart of God? What principles can be learned for abiding in the heart of God? ______________________





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