Daily Bible reading plan – 4/3

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“Holiness befits his house”. It is important to remember that God is holy. He does not delight in wrong things or bad behaviors. To remain in right standing before Him, we too must strive for holiness “without which no man may see the Lord”. To come into a friends house with dirty clothes on and then to sit on their white couch and throw off your muddy shoes on their new carpet, would be considered rude and uncaring. So it is when we come into His holy house with the dirt of sin upon us.
In Exodus, We have now finished the making of the materials of the tabernacle and begin to read about the making of the garments to be worn for the service of the tabernacle. What stood out to me this morning was where it said that the crown was inscribed with “holy to the Lord”. What if everything we did or made was done as holy to the Lord?
With the story of Esther, we begin to see the fall of Haman because of his pride. Pride can be a dangerous thing. Interesting in this story is difference of character between Haman and Mordecai. Haman sought to promote and exalt himself while mordecai sought after the exaltation of those placed in authority over him. This attitude brought him promotion. If you want to be promoted in your place of work or school then begin to lift up your bosses or teachers. After mordecai was bestowed with honor he immediately went back to his work and position at the gate. The brief moment of honor did not get to his head.
Paul, in chapter 11 gives instructions concerning the last supper. The reason for these instructions was because of division in the church. Paul wanted the church to go back to pure and simple fellowship with one another and with Christ at the head.


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