Daily Bible Reading Plan – 3/30

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Let me start by saying TGIF. Today, we read a Psalm that is not one of Davids. It is a Miktam of Ethan. It appeals to Gods mercy and power. In verse 47 the author makes a most in-depth into his own existence and reminds God of his rather short time on earth compared to Gods eternal existence. In like manner, we should be conscious of the fact that our time on earth is short. We need more of God NOW, not later.

In Exodus 35 we see the people of Israel bringing their “contribution” to the newly constructed tabernacle. I see three things here concerning the contribution: 1. First, it was commanded by the Lord. God had instructed his people to support the place of His dwelling. 2. Second, they came as their hearts stirred them and gave as their spirit moved them. Giving to God and His church is not so much about a certain percentage as it is about giving as you feel moved in your spirit. I believe in these last days the Holy Spirit is seeking to prevail upon some to give above and beyond regularly for this end time gathering of the harvest. 3. Thirdly, freewill offerings were a part of the contribution. Paying tithe should be first and foremost for every believer, but do not forsake the offering.

Continuing the story of Esther, whom we finally get to meet in chapter 2. We see that she was a beautiful young woman who had an unfortunate past. She was an orphan from her parents who were no more and was raised by her uncle while living in exile under strict orders not to identify herself by her culture and to keep her history and ethnicity under wraps. Yet, despite this, she found favor with everyone she came into contact with; including the king. A movie came out not too long ago which dramatized the story of Esther called “One Night With the King”. It only took one night, with Gods favor, for Esther to receive promotion above all the others. The favor of God can accomplish in short time, what we can spend in a lifetime trying to achieve. We need to pray for Gods favor.

In Corinthians, Paul continues his exhortation on sexual purity and focuses much of this chapter on marriage. A fundamental component of any family is the marriage. If the marriage is on rocky ground so will the family be. Likewise, the marriage must be kept inviolate. I remember when my wife and I got married we sat down with each other and basically said to one another that divorce is NOT AN OPTION!  No matter what happens in the relationship, DIVORCE IS NOT AN OPTION! My friends, if you are planning on getting married and are reading this, please make this your resolve also. It is Biblical. It is Spiritual. It is Healthy. A strong marriage will produce a strong family.


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