Daily Bible Reading Plan – 3/29

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Todays reading begins with Psalms 88 and the one verse that speaks to me very strongly is where it raises the question, are Gods wonders shone in the darkness. In another Psalm David asked “where can I go from you if I make my bed in sheol you are there and in the highest heavens.” God is Omnipresent, meaning everywhere. Certainly He can perform his wonderful works wherever you may find yourself.

We move to exodus following Moses as he makes his way up mount Sinai a second time to receive a new set of tablets with the ten commandments. What spoke to me profoundly this morning is that after God revealed his mercy and goodness to Moses the verse says (vs8) that he quickly bowed his head in worship. Oh how much we need to learn from this attitude of Moses. When god does something wonderful for us our quick response should be to worship Him.

In Esther, we begin a new book and we begin with a family conflict. Albeit this is the royal family and so it causes quite a stir. What should be learned here is that pride is the leading culprit. The king is proudful of his wifes beauty and the queen is too proud to be shown off before a crowd. In proverbs it says “pride cometh before a fall”. Let this be a lesson in humility for the family.

Lastly we read in Corinthians. Paul is continuing his discussion on holiness and sanctification, something not much talked about in this generation but crucial to walking in the power of the Spirit. The last verse of ch. 6 is the summation of it all, you were bought with a price so glorify God in your body.


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