Day Twenty-eight = The Agreement (40 Day Fasting Challenge)

Day Twenty-eight = The Agreement

If two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. (Matthew 18:19)

We have heard it said many times that there is strength in numbers. We have seen the power of the numerous strength many times. The larger army wins the battle, the larger protest gets its cause heard, and the larger stores make bigger profits. We usually associate bigger as being better. Even in simple stuff this principle is true. Look at the eyes of a child on Christmas morning one or two small packages… sure that’s enough to cause some excitement, but bring out a giant box and it almost doesn’t matter what is in side. For the most part bigger just seems to be better.

God wants us to realize this principle in our prayer lives as well. We can see it clearly in the physical world. Husbands walk their wives and children to the dark car because bigger stronger man equals safer…… we work harder to get that next big promotion because bigger paycheck equals better summer vacation….. Even our dinner is better ordered supersized and our dessert is better ordered alamode. In the natural world we understand this principle, but God asks us to explore the possibilities of the strength in numbers principle in our prayer life.

We are encouraged to confess our sins one to the other and pray for each other that we may be healed. (See James 5:16) This is not because God wants someone to have a dirty little secret to hold over our heads. It is because of the numbers principle. More people praying equals more hearts seeking Gods face which equals more relationships with Christ which equals answered prayers. Numbers equal power. Looking to ??? we see that one person can put a thousand devils to flight but two people or three people or four people how much more effective our prayers will be against every devil in hell! (see ??) Look to your fasting partner regularly, pray for one another and send those devils fleeing.


Published by Nathanstrom

Ordained Bishop with the Church of God; Cleveland, TN; Senior Pastor at Redemption Place Church of God Allegan, MI. Community Service Chaplain.

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