February Prayer Service – Relationships Emphasis

Bethesda Church of God

February Prayer Service Emphasis: Relationships

Cultivating a spirit of Mercy in a community of Love

Family Relationships

Our Marriages – Pray That:

  • Christian husbands and wives will cultivate intimacy with God and with one another.
  • Lines of communication will be open and honest between husbands and wives.
  • Husbands and wives will spend time individually and together in prayer and Bible study.
  • Legislative efforts to define marriage as other than between a man and a woman will be defeated.
  • Marriage and family relationships will be centered upon the lordship of Jesus Christ.

Our Children & Youth – Pray That:

  • Parents will acknowledge and act upon their God-given responsibility as primary disciplers of their children.
  • Parents will commit to spending time in prayer and Bible study with their children openly sharing and demonstrating their faith to their children; a renewal to the family altar.
  • Parents will actively intervene to protect their children against the ungodly influences of media.
  • God’s wisdom will come upon parents, teachers, pastors and others as they counsel and guide our children in times of doubt or conflict.
  • Our children and youth will cultivate Christ-centered relationships with their parents, teachers, and peers.

Abuse & Brokenness – Pray That:

  • We will affirm the value to care for and mentor children in foster care, as well as in dysfunctional family situations, in recognizing the unique value God has placed on their lives.
  • All people in our homes and families will be regarded with worth and dignity.
  • Our discernment and awareness to violence and neglect be heightened and for a breaking of our hearts to the things that break Gods heart.

Church Relationships

Our Unsaved Family & Friends – Pray That:

  • Our desire to see family and friends impacted by God’s amazing grace and to see them have a divine encounter with the resurrected Christ will increase.
  • We will not be ashamed nor afraid to approach them relentlessly believing in God’s ability, love, and faithfulness for their salvation.
  • We will maintain focus, patience, and consistency as we preach, share, testify, reach, and pray with faith and fervency for unsaved loved ones.
  • We will keep righteousness in our own lives both as a witness to and a power in prayer, for “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much
  • The church will practice a corporate habit of believing for and praying for unsaved family and friends as well as intentionally evangelizing this important segment of the unreached.

Our City & Community – Pray For:

  • Boldness in sharing our faith with others as we forge redemptive relationships with non-believers in our neighborhood and marketplace.
  • Us all to reflect an accurate and consistent testimony of Christ through words, actions, and attitudes as we daily go throughout the marketplace.
  • Our church to produce godly leaders in the marketplace who will demonstrate adherence to biblical values and that godly people gifted in arts and media will devote their lives to Christ using their gifts to spread the gospel to the culture through our church.
  • A positive community impact as the Holy Spirit convinces the world of sin and righteousness through us in reversing its moral decline.
  • Our church to exhibit qualities of unity, love, and humility that will open the hearts of civil leaders to hear our message and open the doors of civil organizers to Kingdom partnerships.

The Lost – Pray That:

  • We will be open and receptive to people seeking to know Christ.
  • A burden to win people to Jesus Christ will captivate the hearts of us all.
  • A powerful move of the Holy Spirit will convict people’s hearts and remind them of their need for Christ.
  • People from all racial and ethnic groups will feel welcomed in our house of worship.
  • We will expand our ministry to those trapped by drug addiction and alcohol and capture a fresh vision for reaching the troubled youth of our community.

Interpersonal Relationships

Each Other & The Saints – Pray That:

  • God’s presence will be manifested through increased peace, harmony, and unity within the body of Christ.
  • The Holy Spirit will break down walls of division based on gender, race, ethnicity, and social groupings, bringing wholeness and unity to the body of Christ.
  • We will respond with godly compassion and love when one of our own faces an unplanned pregnancy and those saved out of immoral heterosexual as well as homosexual backgrounds will find godly love, acceptance, and nurturing in our church.
  • We will be obedient to the command to bear one another’s burdens and to pray one for another consistently bringing each other in intercession before the throne of grace.
  • Our responsiveness and attentiveness to the cares of our members will be heightened as we “endeavor to keep the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace”.

Published by Nathanstrom

Ordained Bishop with the Church of God; Cleveland, TN; Senior Pastor at Redemption Place Church of God Allegan, MI. Community Service Chaplain.

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